2009 fall lambs

Remember how it rained all of June and July?  Did you notice how the grass kept growing and growing all summer? 
Well, the sheep at Ferris Farm did too, and they loved it!   It was a great summer if you are a grazing-type animal, and as a result we have an excellent-looking crop of fall lambs that will be ready for your freezer shortly after October 15th.
If you've bought Ferris Farm lamb before, a couple of things are new this year...
The first is that, after much soul-searching and number-crunching, I've taken the price up substantially.  The short story is that after four years of raising and selling lamb, I've finally got a good enough handle on the cost variables to know that I need to get this higher price to make this a business, rather than just a landscaping service for our farm (although the place does look good!). 
I can't say whether the price is "competitive", and if you decide it's too much for you I won't be offended if you don't place an order.  But you can have confidence that these animals have been raised in a way that's healthy for them, for you, and for the environment, and that the quality of the meat is excellent.  I hope you'll think it's worth the price.
The second new thing is that I've set up a web-based order form where you can specify how you want your order cut.  This will make it a little simpler for you and a lot simpler for me.  Click here to use the form:
On the other hand, if you'd rather not deal with all these decisions about roasts vs. chops, boned vs. bone-in, just let me know and I'll make them for you.
All of this year's lambs will be processed at Kelley Meats, a USDA-inspected facility in Taberg.  After experimenting with other options, I'm more impressed than ever with Kelley's quality service.  As you may know, there's a serious shortage of places for small farms to take their animals, so we were fortunate to get in at Kelley's.
If you have any questions, call or e-mail anytime.  I look forward to getting your order.  Also, please pass this e-mail and link on to others who might be interested.
Jim Manning
Ferris Farm
(315) 272-9529